Marina Polovinchuk

Some of my art

Random facts about me

  • I can speak Russian, Ukrainian, English, and French more or less fluently.
  • Started my BA in the age of 16 (now 19)
  • I was born in Ukraine, lived in the Netherlands for a while, then moved to Paris, and now back to A’dam.
  • I can draw. And paint. And also sketch. I can also prototype and design. Multitasking is fun.
  • I was swimming for a while, then switched to ballet dancing. Now it’s yoga and jogging.
  • Going for galleries and museums is the best way to spend your free time. But sometimes staying at home with a good movie and a glass of something nice is even better :)
  • Honestly, I prefer good jazz and soul to any other music.
  • I truly believe that UX is the most important thing. And only then goes UI.
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