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Meet one of the first curators on ZEEF. This travel writer/photographer and tourleader has developed a sixth sense for finding the best places around.


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My latest book (May 2015)

My travelbook on Sardinia


Esther van Veen graduated in 2001 from the University of Amsterdam. After studying Spanish for one year, she continued her studies at the Faculty of Arts and Literature with a Bachelor and Masters degree in the field of European Studies. Apart from her major in Italian and English language and literature, she studied Italian art and history. After her graduation, Esther van Veen travelled across Asia for a couple of months. From that moment on, she was captivated by the charm of travelling, and the sheer beauty of Asia. Since 2005, she has been working as a tourleader all over the world. During her many travels, she encounters fascinating exotic cultures and special places. The extensive knowledge and the personal experiences that she has acquired during these travels, add more flavour and depth to her writings; whether these are on the Italian Renaissance, Peruvian Inca cities, Tibetan Buddhism,the enchanting souks of the Middle East, Japanese geisha dwellings or on modern art in NY.

Italian Art

Personal info

I’m a very private person, so this is going to be short : ) I love photography, reading books by Khaled Hosseini and Niccolo Ammaniti and watching Little Britain. Not at the same time though (not a multi-tasker unfortunately…) The countries that made the deepest impression on me were Tibet, India and Peru, and my favorite travel destinations are Sardinia and Morocco, at least for now!

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