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Game Developer and IT Coordinator graduated at Caxias do Sul University (Brazil) with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and postgraduate specialization in IT Management.

He developed some unpublished games and the first game was created when he was twelve years old, it’s an board game based on Monopoly.

He also have several years of experience with IT management, systems development and management of servers and infrastructure of IT.

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Unpublished Games

  • Board Game like Monopoly (1991)
  • Level for Duke Nukem 3D (1997)
  • Simple DOS Game (1998)
  • Checkers Game (2003)
  • Mobile Shoot ’em Up (2003)
  • Mobile Beat ’em Up (2004)
  • MMO Card Collection (2011)
  • Action Side Scroller (2013)

Vibrant Recycling (2012)

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