Customize and embed a block on your blog or website and keep your visitors up-to-date with the lastest resources

a preview of an embedded widget

How to embed a Block by using a Widget

Click on the Embed icon to open the customize widget page, this will allow you to customize the widget with the options below before embedding it on your website. after you're satisfied with the result copy the embed code and place it on your website.

  • Title Customize the text for the title of the widget to match your placement
  • # of links Allow you to set a maximum number of links shown, useful for restricting the widget to top 10 for example
  • Font Size Adjust the font size
  • Show Curator Enable/Disable showing the Curator at the bottom of the block
  • Show Logo Enable/Disable showing the ZEEF logo at the bottom of the block
  • Colors Allows you to change the colors of the widget, to match your websites color scheme
  • Dimensions Set the size of the Widget, with standard sizes available as presets