ZEEF offers in-depth statistics about your page. You are able to see: views, visits, clicks, and referral sources.

The ZEEF Statistics preview

How to use your Statistics

You can find a summary of your statistics on your profile, underneath you will find a link to go more in-depth. The statistics are divided in two categories: the performance of your your contributions and where your visitors are coming from.

  • Top Pages Your best performing pages, very useful to see what topics visitors are looking for
  • Top Blocks The most clicked blocks, if these are not already high on your page consider moving them up
  • Top Links Resources that were viewed the most, try finding more of those or optimize your titles to match these links
  • Top Traffic Sources The location from where your users found your page, let's you know who is talking about your page
  • Top Traffic Domains The domain from where your users arrived, useful if you get traffic from various sources