Share your page,block or link to various social networks and websites, or by sending the link to the recipient directly

The ZEEF sharing menu with the various sharing options

How to share your resource

Click on the Sharing icon to open the sharing menu, from here you can either share through one of the networks listed below

or you can send the link to someone directly by email or chat clients

  • Facebook Share on your Facebook wall so your friends can see it
  • Twitter Share with your followers or directly reach out to one of the mentioned companies on your page
  • Google+ Share to your G+ followers or to one of the many communities
  • LinkedIn Post in LinkedIn Pulse, useful for sharing with colleagues or profesionals in a certain field
  • HackerNews Share to HackerNews, a broad audience but most used for technical topics
  • Buffer Send to Buffer, a social media scheduling tool
  • Pinterest Pin this resource on your board, useful for promoting to designers and visual artists
  • Email Send the resource through your email
  • WhatsApp Available on mobile only, send to a WhatsApp contact or group