Frequently Asked Questions

The anwsers to most asked questions about ZEEF, most of this information can be found in more detail on the features page.

What is ZEEF?

A platform made to let people cut through the noise of the web, where they can find and share the best dev/tech resources through short and to the point lists.

What can I do on ZEEF?

All the best resources for development & technology, split up in categorized lists.That’s what you’ll find on ZEEF. Hand picked by our community members and grown with your suggestions.

How does ZEEF pay the bills?

ZEEF receives a small commission of sales made through our links, next to that users can support ZEEF by Tipping their favorite resource to make it draw more attention.

Can people create several pages about the same topic?

Yes even if there are 10 people making lists about the same topic, you can still join and create your own list of links. Our algoritm and community managers try to filter out the best pages and promote them

How are curators ranked?

We have several metrics on which curators are ranked such as performance and activity of the curator on the platform. In the future curator the ranking of the curators will also depend on whether you have any social connection with the curator.

How is the quality of information protected?

Before a page is taken up in our directory it is checked by one of our community managers, they make sure the information isn't offensive or derogative. After the page is in our directory and you still find some inappropriate content you can report this from within the platform.

What’s the difference between green and blue links?

To help visitors discover new links we've marked your visited links in green so you can easilly see what you've already seen on ZEEF.

Why is my link marked as broken?

ZEEF checks if all the links in the system are still valid links, to help our curators keep their page as up-to-date as possible. We've made many improvements to our checks, but unfortunately in some cases it may not be possible to properly detect if a link is still reachable or not. In these cases a link may be marked as broken while it still seems to work when visited in a browser.

The broken links we found are marked in red on your page when you are logged in, your visitors won’t see this. If we marked them, but the link does work, you can mark these links as “not broken”.

Mark as not broken

Some of the reasons why a link might be broken:

  • Webpage (temporarily) not reachable from the public internet
  • Webpage is not found
  • Webpage redirects to an invalid location

Can I embed lists?

  1. Select the list on your ZEEF page you would like to embed on your website/blog
  2. Choose your list and press the embed icon
  3. Customize the list to make sure it blends in with your blog's design
  4. Copy the embed code and paste it into your blog