Optimized page headers and mobile UI

This new version brings tons of visual improvements to ZEEF. We restructured how your page headers look like, improved the mobile experience and smoothed out publishing a page. Scroll down for all the details!

Different versions of the page headerLeaving out parts in the page header was a pain before this version. Some parts were optional, but just stayed empty instead of the interface changing nicely. From this version on you can choose what to display on your page and the page will automatically generate a nice-looking layout. To facilitate this we moved statistics, detailed curator information and other curators to the About section.

We’ve had a lot of requests asking for a way to have a Table of Contents, this is now automatically on everyone’s page. We’re still testing various layouts between pages so the final version might differ. And last but not least we’ve enabled page banners (the big image above your page) platform wide. Looking forward to seeing you experiment with that!

Mobile UI

Mobile UIWe didn’t forget about our mobile users though. Next to starting development on an iOS app, we changed the layout of pages on our mobile website to be more concise. This change should make it a lot easier to navigate to the block you’re looking for.

Other changes

  • When requesting to publish your page in the directory you’re asked to fill in some more metadata to help us categorize and filter
  • Splitting up pages is easier than ever before, directly copy/move links to a new page
  • The links on the homepage are now showing views instead of clicks
  • The algorithm for title suggestions has been improved
  • Dragging links from the ScratchPad is fixed
  • Several additions to the API:
    • /user/me returns imageURL
    • Title suggestions are available for Link and ScratchPadLink
    • Error responses are documented
  • Several other bugs fixed and small improvements