Easier to start & introducing profiles

With this release we make it easier to start on and use our platform, introducing both the profile and a new way to start a page on ZEEF.
Profile of Ellison Leão


Starting from today, everybody on ZEEF has their own personal profile. In this profile people can find your latest activity and contributions, your favorite curators and more.

With this new feature we now only make a distinction between subject pages and profiles. Anything about yourself can be placed on your profile and for anything about a general topic you can create a page.

Note: if you had a personal page before, this is now converted into a profile page.

Making Lists

Make ListAfter looking at our platform and seeing where new users got stuck we decided to develop our create page process. In our new flow you’ll be guided through the creation process one step at a time. Pick a name, select links and rank them. For existing users we have the possibility to skip the guide by just pressing make list when you’re prompted to select links. Or you can just use the wizard of course.

Other Changes

  • Improved page speed and optimized our JavaScript
  • With a verified Facebook account you can now import your likes to your profile using the Curate Panel
  • You can now show your location to your visitors
  • Several UI improvements and bugfixes
  • Changed our privacy policy to match current cookies.